The LORD and the Lord: an interactive online study
Psalm 145:17 The LORD is righteous in all his ways, and holy in all his works.

    Because God designed the Bible to interpret itself, a study of the way a phrase, figure of speech, idiom or word has been used before will provide keys to understanding that use everywhere in the Bible. A use of a figure of speech, for instance, remains consistent throughout the thousands of years of the Bible's authorship. A use of language in one part of God's Word can no more change in it's application later in God's Word than an oak tree can become a cherry tree as it reproduces through the ages. This truth of the orderliness of all God's works continues from the Hebrew into the Aramaic or the Greek of the New Testament. Only improper translations or copying can erode this reality.
     Hence, as we learn about the great Old Testament uses of the name of God, Jehovah, in the Old Testament, great keys to understanding these uses in the New Testament and for distinguishing the use of the name Jehovah from the use of lord to designate our savior appear. Each link below leads to an explanation of the Old Testament phrase and contains as complete a documentation of each Old Testament occurence in the Hebrew as I could provide.

1. Angel of the Lord 

1a. His Angel

2. Jehovah Dealt 

3. Jehovah is With Thee

4. The Jehovah God 

5.  The Jehovah thy God 

6. Jehovah our God

7. Jehovah their God

8. In the Name of Jehovah

9. The Way of Jehovah 

9a. The ways of the Lord 

10. The Temple of Jehovah 

11. In the Sight of Jehovah

12. Face of Jehovah  

13. The Glory of the Lord

14. The Spirit of Jehovah (God's Annointing or Gift)

14.a The Spirit of the LORD (Referring to God Himself)

14b. The Spirit of Jehovah (with the idiom of permission)

14c. The Spirit of Jehovah (counterfeit uses)

15. The Day of Jehovah

16. To Call Upon/On the Name of Jehovah

16a. To call on the LORD

17. The Fear (yir'ah) of Jehovah

17a. The Fear (pachad) of Jehovah 

18. Turned to the Jehovah

19. Jehovah of Hosts

20. Tempt Jehovah 

21. The Word (dabar) of Jehovah

21a. The Word (peh) of Jehovah

22. Torah Jehovah-- The Law of the LORD 

23. Adonay Jehovah (Lord Jehovah or Lord GOD in the KJV)

24. The Hand of the Jehovah upon